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The extensive range of Schaeffler products for hydraulic systems and fluid pumps is included in the area of “Fluid Technology.” Bearings and components for these demanding applications need to be extremely reliable and yet cost-effective. “Fluid Technology” mainly meets these requirements with individualized, customer-specific developments or – in certain cases – with sophisticated standard products.

Schaeffler solutions for fluid technology

Industrial Transmission

The standard for technical products is constantly being raised through innovations. Product cycles are becoming much shorter and jumps in technology increasingly greater. This development is also true in gear manufacturing. More precise calculation methods, constantly increasing computing power, and improved technological know-how – such as in material technology, stability, and tribology – have mobilized reserve capacities. The specific gearbox weight has been reduced by around 80% within 20 years. Rolling bearings have made a significant contribution towards this development. Through targeted research and development, constant increases in quality, and an intense exchange of experiences with gearbox manufacturers and the user industry, we have continuously increased the functionality and operational safety of our bearings, while minimizing power losses at the same time. Gearboxes with quality rolling bearings are efficient and reliable.

Schaeffler solutions for industrial transmission


In the area of pneumatics, Schaeffler bundles applications for compressed air technology and thermal fluid technology: from compressors to vacuum pumps to ventilators. Schaeffler’s portfolio ranges from a huge assortment of different standard rolling bearings – also in X-life quality – to high-precision bearings for high-speed machines, often designed as customer-specific special bearings, with housing units and components rounding off the offer.

Schaeffler solutions for pneumatics

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